Ween album "La Cucaracha"


Hello…I'm writing from Rounder Records - if you're not familiar, we're one of the oldest, largest independent record labels in the US. We're putting out the new Ween album, "La Cucaracha." If you pre-order it from us (www.rounder.com/ween) you have the option to buy an exclusive, band-designed shirt.


I don’t mean to spam anyone and I don’t want to be "that guy" plastering message boards with ads. I'm just spreading the word about a great record from a great band. I Promise. We're one of the good guys.


Let me know if you have any questions about Ween/Rounder/etc…thanks!


-[Zach (intern), rounderrecordsgroup@gmail.com]


Radio Radio

In case anyone is interested, I'm hosting a show on the local college radio which can be streamed online here: www.wolfpackradio.org

The show is called "Discordian Discourse", played every Thursday at 6 PM.

I play an array of stuff. I don't really like to focus on one genre. Last semester, you could hear anything from jam bands, bluegrass, psychedelic (my favs) to world music, indie, spoken word, etc.

Give it a listen!

Also, if anyone has a myspace and wants to add me, here's the URL:


Hope to hear from you guys!
dark side

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Hey guys! New to the group...thought'd I say hi.

anyone hit up Vegoose this year? if so, who was your favorite at the fest and which late night shows did you hit?

also...anyone going to Langerado??

ALLGOOD Music Festival.

My boyfriend and I purchased 2 tickets to Allgood Music Festival for July 14-16 in West Virginia. ( http://allgoodfestival.com/ )

Unfortunately something came up and we can't make it so we're hoping to sell them. They were purchased for $220 total and we're willing to sell together or individually. If you can't afford them for 220 of course we're willing to be negotiable. We just need them off of our hands.

If anyone wants to buy them, or if anyone knows anywhere we could sell them, PLEASE help. We are desperate.

Sorry, x-posted :\