i need help!

one of my so-called friends told me i could share a hotel room w/ him in NYC after the disco biscuits show on the 30th awhile back, and now he told me there's too many ppl in his room and i'm no longer invited. so now i have tickets for both NYC shows, but nowhere to sleep. if you can help me out in any way, please let me know. I have some money to contribute to a hotel room, just not enough to book a room all to myself. So if you know anywhere in the NYC area I could sleep the 30th (and/or the 31st) please help me out. Thanks.

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was anyone at the disco biscuits katrina benefit in NYC? it was fucking awesome.

i'm going to see Conspirator and Umphrey's McGee tonite in philly. i am so pumped.

also, i went to moe.down again this year, and i entered a drawing at the gypsy rose stand and i had forgotten all about it - til i got this package in the mail. i fucking won! i got the grateful dead golden road box set 1965-73. i'm listening to american beauty now. this rocks.
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Music Reccomendation

So I picked up this album by Galactic that I highly reccomend: Vintage Reserve. I have Ruckus, not my favorite, but this album is soulful. Especially the 13th track: Gospel Organ/Wurlitzer Electric piano obviously inspired in part by Cannonball adderly and Joe Zawinul's work in the 70s, as well as Gospel. It's fucking powerful man. And they're from New Orleans, so if for nothing else, pick it up in honor of Katrina. Hopefully people won't have to swim down Bourbon Street soon. (Maybe they won't have to swim through their front door either)
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GIVEAWAY (LA) An evening of blues with T-Model Ford and The Red Onions

Saturday, September 3; 7 PM; 18+
An early evening with T-Model Ford and The Red Onions @ Echo (1822 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, 90026)

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“Rhythmically joined at the hip with drummer Spam, he plays the north Mississippi hill country hypnotic boogie-groove like nobody else on earth. His music is not a complaint of self-pity, but a celebration of life. He moves you to rejoice with him, not sympathize with some pitiful condition of lost love or injustice.

Not a relic of the past or a remnant of vanishing culture, T-Model Ford and Spam are in the moment like few other blues artists. Out on the edge of the cliff where most fall to the rocks below, T-Model Ford takes off and flies - the existential hero.”

Listen to T-Model Ford.

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people can you feel it? love is everywhere...

Did anyone go to Moe./The Allman Brothers the August 20th? It kicked some kinda major ass. No one could stop their dancing feet. Moe, as usual was much better live than recorded, and ended their set with Rebubula. Simply awesome. The only thing I can say about the Allman Brothers is AMAZING. They were so much better than I expected, they really got into their jams. It's always so nice when bands get into their jams instead of just playing straight forward their classics.

Boy did I smell after that intense dance session. Whoo.