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Phunky Kids

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A community for music lovers, free thinkers, and open minds.

Share your favorite lyrics, quotes, concert experiences, stories, poems, ideas, jokes, questions, words of wisdom, ect.

::this is not a place to advertise other communities. especially if you've never posted before. it's common courtesy, and will be deleted::
aerosmith, allen ginsberg, allman brothers band, amfibian, art, beat generation, beatniks, bisco, blondie, blue oyster cult, bluegrass, blues, bob dylan, bob marley, bohemians, bonnaroo, concerts, country music, creedence clearwater revival, culture club, dark star orchestra, dave matthews band, david bowie, deep banana blackout, disco biscuits, dj shadow, doobie brothers, drum circles, elton john, environment, equality, eric clapton, festivals, fleetwood mac, folk music, foo fighters, frank zappa, free speech, freedom, friendship, funk, galactic, george harrison, gov't mule, grace slick, grateful dead, heads, hemp, hip hop, hippies, instruments, jack kerouac, jam, jam bands, janis joplin, jazz, jazz mandolin project, jefferson airplane, jerry garcia, jim morrison, jimi hendrix, joan baez, john coltrane, john lennon, ken kesey, kurt cobain, led zeppelin, leftover salmon, les claypool, little feat, lou reed, lynyrd skynyrd, lyrics, marijuana, medeski martin and wood, mike gordon, miles davis, modest mouse, moe, moe., moody blues, motley crue, music, nature, neil young, nirvana, open minds, oysterhead, parliment, particle, patchouli, paul mccartney, peace, philosophy, phish, pink floyd, poetry, potheads, primus, psychedelic, punk rock, qotsa, queen, raq, records, red hot chili peppers, reggae, robert randolf, rock-n-roll, rolling stones, rush, rusted root, santana, sheryl crow, simpsons, soulive, south park, spearhead, steve miller band, stevie ray vaughan, strangefolk, string cheese incident, talking heads, tenacious d, the beatles, the clash, the dead, the doors, the eagles, the new deal, the roots, the velvet underground, the who, timothy leary, tom marshall, tom wolfe, tour, traffic, trey anastasio, tunes, u2, van morrison, volkswagon, weed, ween, widespread panic, william burroughs, woodstock, yes, yonder mountain string band